Unity – Umoja – Unidad

What will it take to make us organize and mobilize to change things for the better? By Nichole Rogers It’s taken a while for me to speak on what happened in 2020. From COVID-19 killing people of color across the US at a disproportional rate to all of the murders we’ve seen play out, rightContinue reading “Unity – Umoja – Unidad”

NM Black Owned Businesses OPEN

We already know COVID-19 will hit our community the hardest and that includes New Mexico’s Black owned businesses. YOU can help by BUYING BLACK as much as possible. I’d like to see OUR money pass through OUR community 5 times before it leaves. Here is a list of Black Owned Businesses that are open forContinue reading “NM Black Owned Businesses OPEN”

African-Americans and Covid-19

by Nichole Rogers Three weeks ago, I was looking at the online live Covid-19 tracker developed by 17 year old computer whiz Avi Schiffmann, and thought “hmm not a lot of cases in Africa.” I am guilty of believing that meant I was somehow safe from getting the corona virus. Since I have learned that we, BlackContinue reading “African-Americans and Covid-19”

Census 2020 Student Video Contest

The African-American Complete Count Committee is sponsoring a student video contest about the importance of completing the 2020 Census. How to enter Must be a current African American / Black student affiliated with a school or in the community to participate in the contest.  Examples; Black Student Unions, Youth Ministry groups, Rights of passage groups,Continue reading “Census 2020 Student Video Contest”

THANK YOU NM Counts 2020!

WE ARE GRATEFUL to have received funding from NM Counts 2020 for Census outreach in the African-American community, which is considered hard-to-count (HTC) across New Mexico and the United States. “NM Counts 2020 is an outreach campaign supported by a group of New Mexico foundations to help ensure that all New Mexicans are counted inContinue reading “THANK YOU NM Counts 2020!”

NM African-American Complete Count Committee (AACCC)

New Mexico is considered one of the hardest to count states and African-Americans here are working hard to increase the count in the 2020 Census. I attended the Statewide Census 2020 gathering and was able to establish connections to help with completing the 2020 Census including all the minority populations in NM.   Thank youContinue reading “NM African-American Complete Count Committee (AACCC)”

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