Unity – Umoja – Unidad

What will it take to make us organize and mobilize to change things for the better?

By Nichole Rogers

It’s taken a while for me to speak on what happened in 2020. From COVID-19 killing people of color across the US at a disproportional rate to all of the murders we’ve seen play out, right before our eyes.

It is time for grassroots community organizations to TRULY BAND TOGETHER to share ideas, resources and power. We can make a huge difference right here, right now, if we stop seeing each other as competition and start seeing each other as allies.

My first instinct is to read up on the latest studies that prove racism is a public health epidemic. Here are some I found particularly interesting.

You can read these studies and so much more at the Mapping Police Violence Project.

Here are my thoughts on what WE, people of color, should do in 2021.

  1. Do your work to heal your own traumas
  2. Put your money in a Black owned bank
  3. Get debt free and financially independent
  4. Buy a home
  5. Start a business
  6. Consider fostering, mentoring or volunteering.
  7. Teach 2 people how to do 1-6

We MUST pull together to reshape our communities one family at a time. Then and only then can we begin to help our oppressor fix this broken system.

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