NM Black Owned Businesses OPEN

Photo from https://www.gristleandgossip.com/25-black-owned-restaurants-in-houston/

We already know COVID-19 will hit our community the hardest and that includes New Mexico’s Black owned businesses. YOU can help by BUYING BLACK as much as possible. I’d like to see OUR money pass through OUR community 5 times before it leaves.

Here is a list of Black Owned Businesses that are open for business.

Business NamePhone #Method of Delivery
A Taste of the Caribbean505-503-8428Doordash
K’Lynn’s Southern & Cajun Fusion505-453-3068Pick-up
Powdrell’s BBQCentral – 505-298-6766
4th Street – 505-345-8086
Call in & Pick-up
Nexus Restaurant & Brewery505-242-4100Call in & Pick-up
Rude Boy Cookies505-200-2235Orders on-line or pick up (Wed. & Sat. 12-5 pm)
Frank’s Famous Chicken & Waffles505-712-5109Take-out and delivery – Tue-Sun 12-4:30pm
Bobbi’s Homestyle Catering505-385-0963Delivery on weekends
(12-6 pm). Visit Facebook and Instagram pages weekly for Menus. Have prepped menu program.
Talking Drums African Caribbean Grill505-792-3221Pick up only Tue – Sat.,
2 – 6 pm
Hollow Spirits Distillery & Restaurant505-433-2766Call in & Carry out including Bottle sales
Tues-Sun 3pm-7pm
Leela’s Body Cocktails(575) 404-1732On-line Orders
ET Photo Video LLC(505) 510-0271Doing e-commerce product photography
Trendz Beauty Supply(505) 881-4777On-line Orders
Baskets of Africa(505) 323-2315On-line Orders
Webb Insurance(505) 797-2750Sun – Sat 5-8 pm
Primerica Financial Services(505) 880-8750Phone or Video Consultations
Betty’s Bath & Day Spa505-341-3456Gift Cards on-line only
Focus Advertising Specialties(505) 466-0072On-line and Phone orders
The Doorman(505) 890-5555In-home Garage Door Repair
First Stone Productions772-480-0810Call for Quote

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